Workshop: Go Gaming in the Foreign Language Classroom

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Maria (Melina) Laina
3rd Gymnasium Vyronas
Athens, Greece
Angeliki (Angela) Metallinou
Arsakeia – Tositseia schools of Greece
Athens, Greece
Abstract: This workshop refers mostly to foreign language teachers of the primary and secondary level, with or without teaching
experience, who would like to integrate gamification via blended learning in the curriculum, in due to change and differentiate the formative way of teaching the formative way of teaching, by implementing differentiated, intercurricular, intercultural activities and transformative learning. There should be a preparation phase for the workshop, as the participants ought to work on the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) principle.

During the workshop there will be a short introduction to gamification and how it could be combined with blended learning (flipped classroom) and school curricula. Selected digital game applications are presented and implemented. At the feedback phase the participants should fill in an online-questionnaire. All projects will be published on Padlet and on workshop’s closed facebook page


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