The Development and Innovation of Instructional Textbooks in Blended Learning

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Zhang Tong
The Open University of China
Beijing, China

Abstract: This paper is based on the analysis of the history of blended learning textbooks that combines with the research on the status quo of the digital textbooks’ development.The ultimate purpose of multimedia digital textbooks in blended learningis to enable learners to utilise online or offline communication methods obtaining learning textbooks through interaction of multimedia and free terminal. Multimedia digital textbooks break the limitation of learning environment and approaches in blendedlearning. It gives the definition of multimedia digital textbooks. This paper discusses how to realise the advantages of the next generation of multimedia digital textbooks through integration of multimedia textbooks, personalised learning methods and the selection of learning contents, interaction and the development of online or offline learning tools. This research aims to provide reference to the curriculumdesigner and practical users based on digital textbooks in blended learning.

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