Practitioner’s Presentation: Student-Generated Tutorials Using iBooks

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Phil Cowcill
Development Made Simple
North Bay, ON, Canada
Abstract: One of the best methods to ensure you understand a topic is to teach that topic to someone else. In a very simple way, this is what the students of Canadore College’s post-graduate Mobile Application Development program did. Students were first asked to think about a topic that was covered in the previous semester that they had trouble with. Once each student selected their topic, they were given the assignment of creating a tutorial that contains:

  • An overview of the tutorial
  • Put the tutorial in context of the mobile application development field
  • Step-by-step instructions on making a product or service
  • Screen captures demonstrating the process
  • A video showing the tutorial being built
  • Audio support for the tutorial
  • A short quiz/review to ensure the learner understands the contents of the tutorial

Once all the students submit their tutorials from a common iBook template, they are then merged together into one large document. The finished document with all the tutorials is then shared with next year’s class. The advantages of this iBook assignment were:

  • Students learned how to create a publication in iBooks
  • Cemented their knowledge on a particular topic
  • Students had to apply their knowledge on instructional design to create a learning tutorial
  • The student created interactions using a variety of quiz questions
  • Incorporated interactive widgets from a third party
  • Learned how to record the computer screen while dictating a tutorial
  • Provided a resource for next year’s students

In this practitioner presentation, we will look at some of the sample tutorials created by the class. As time permits, participants in this presentation can follow along and create their own iBook. If you would like to create your own iBook, you’ll need to bring your own Mac with iBook Author installed. Sample files will be handed out so you can develop your
own iBook very quickly.


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