Panel: Technology for Blended Learning

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Helmi Norman
National University of Malaysia
Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia
Kahled Suwais
Arab Open University
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Husein Mansour
Naif Arab University for Security Sciences
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Przemyslaw Pawluk
George Brown College
Toronto, ON, Canada
Kaburlasos Vassilis
Eastern Macedonia and Thrace
Institute of Technology
Kavala, Greece
Abstract: The many benefits and challenges of applying blended learning methods and technologies have been widely discussed in contexts. Blended approaches gain grounds in various domains from language learning to technology learning. Blended learning practice has to be founded on a theoretical foundation while technology provides tools allowing to realize the vision painted by theoreticians. This panel discussion is a forum for learning practitioners and researchers to report on and discuss how they have implemented blended learning, what technologies did they use to achieve desirable outcomes. The panel members will thus share their observations supported by case studies from their unique learning and teaching contexts. These short presentations will address a variety of issues related to successful implementation of blended learning and applications of various technologies. The panelists will represent different countries and diverse perspectives on learning technology, the potential areas of development, and their vision of the future of blended learning technology. The panelist will identify the key challenges and ways of addressing them.

Questions and comments from the audience will be addressed as well. By sharing their expertise, practices, findings and conclusions, and addressing the comments from the audience, the panelists aim to contribute to the better understanding of blended learning technology.

The panel is intended for teachers, academics, researchers, instructional designers, and students, and all other who are interested in the topic.


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