Learning Diaries for Blended Computer Learning

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George Palaigeorgiou
University of Western Macedonia
Florina, Greece

Athina Grammatikopoulou
Aristotle University
Thessaloniki, Greece

Abstract: The evergrowing importance of computer literacy has ensured the continuity of political and scientific interest in computer learning media and environments for over 30 years. However, computer learning is a complex task that puts a tremendous burden on all computer users, experienced or not, and results in a multiplicity of ‘frustrating experiences’ and extensive time losses. While computer learning is informal and opportunistic, our teaching methods most times are
formal and wellstructured. In this article, we will propose a blended way of familiarizing with technology through the use of social learning journals combined with traditional teaching methods. More specifically, this study explored the usefulness of social learning journals as tools for supporting computer learning in a formal educational setting. The
paper describes the evolution of a 10 weeks activity with 43 computer engineering undergraduate students. Although students spent a lot of time together in everyday university activities, social learning diaries created a parallel channel of sharing computer learning events which seemed to help them to acquire several computer skills and also connect them

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