Introducing Blended Learning Through the Haiku Learning Management System at St. Catherine’s British School in Athens

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Lauri-Ann Robertson
St. Catherine’s British School
Sofokli Venizelou 77, 14123 Lykovrissi,
Athens, Greece

Abstract: The evaluation, introduction and integration of the Haiku Learning Management System (LMS) into the Upper School of St. Catherine’s British School of Athens are examined. The lenses of the management, teachers and students creates a panoramic snapshot of one school’s experience with the
integration of new learning technology and the shift to blended learning. This paper identifies the institute’s educational goals, the incremental plans for implementation, and the barriers to change. The goals for blended learning at St. Catherine’s British School are: meeting the students’ advancing digital skill and learning preferences, bridging the gap between home and school learning, and the institute’s responsibility to leverage new technology. Reflection on what has been done, what has not been done and where to go in the future becomes less a focus on the new technology’s health and more a reflection on the institution’s health as a dynamic and active learning community. The role of leadership in transitioning into blended learning is considered, based on interviews and personal experience of a single researcher. In agreement with Bates (2005), the importance of decision making and implementation regarding learning technology is influenced by the rapid development of technology, but the strengths and weaknesses in current learning technology often lie within the instructional design and application, rather than in the actual technology.

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