Experience of Universities in Asia When Implementing Blended Learning

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Mohamed Ally
Athabasca University

Hend Merza
Arab Open University
Saudi Arabia

Abstract: Blended learning is an educational approach, which integrates face-to face classroom practices with online and mobile delivery methods; aiming to provide the leaner with a well-planned, managed, structured, and teacher facilitated interactive learning environment, where high quality content, activities, and experiences can be customized to learner needs, and preferences, unrestricted by time, and location . All of these processes and interactions lead to high quality outcomes such as enhanced learner engagement and achievement as well as the development of advanced knowledge, skills, and improved attitudes toward learning (International Association of Blended Learning, 2016). The paper will present the results of a research project that identified locations of Blended Learning Universities in Asia and the current status of blended learning in Blended Learning Universities in Asia. Also, barriers and future plans of blended learning in these universities will be presented. The paper will conclude by suggesting best practices for blended learning that organizations can use for successful implementation of blended learning.

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