Developing Effective Educational Videos for Blended Learning

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Lefteris Moussiades, Ioannis Kazanidis
Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology
Agios Loukas, Kavala, Greece

Anthi Iliopoulou
Greek Secondary Education

Abstract: Video is widely used in the context of blended learning as an effective media for delivering educational content. Modern technology allows the rapid and economic development of educational videos using software tools without the need of cameras or other expensive resources. We call such a video, Video as Software. In this paper, we propose a framework for the effective development of Educational Video as Software (EVS). The proposed framework consists of a methodology and a set of design guidelines, both oriented towards the achievement of the learning objectives related to an EVS. In addition, we include a concise presentation of important contemporary software technologies that could be utilized in EVS development. Experimentally, we compare videos produced following the proposed methodology with videos produced based on their author's creativity, exclusively. Preliminary experimental results are positive and encourages us for further exploration.

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