A Multidisciplinary Framework for Blending Robotics in Education of Children with Special Learning Needs

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Maya Dimitrova, Anna Lekova,
Ivan Chavdarov, Snezhanka Kostova,
Aleksandar Krastev, Chavdar Roumenin
Sofia, Bulgaria

Vaska Stancheva, Anna Andreeva
Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

Vassilis G. Kaburlasos and Theodore Pachidis
Eastern Macedonia & Thrace Institute of Technology (EMATTech)
Kavala, Greece

Abstract: The paper presents a currently developed multidisciplinary framework for implementing novel robotic solutions in education of children with special learning needs. The framework emphasizes the entertaining role of the technology in special education, empowering the child to be in control of complex technological devices under the guidance of the teacher. Implementing a robot as an educational assistant to the teacher is defined as a method for ‘blending’ robotics in special educational settings. The results from the pilot studies are presented based on interviewing therapists and from observing the first reactions of children to a technical device like a robot. The design of qualitative indicators of the influence of robotics on the emotional state of the children is discussed in the paper.

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