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International Association for Blended Learning (IABL) is a membership organization to promote excellence in teaching, training, and research in blended learning through the engagement of international scholars and practitioners to meet the needs of today's global learners. The goal of IABL is to transform global education through its on-going contributions to the field of blended learning.

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Research and Innovation

IABL is an association that promotes excellence in research, development and innovation of blended learning in global education landscapes.



The association wants to build partnerships and collaboration with global, cross-continental, regional, and national agencies, academic, industry and community in promoting blended learning.

Expertise exchange

IABL provides the platform for global expertise and experience exchange with experts in the field of blended learning.

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IABL 2018

Let's share our experiences and expertise on blended learning at IABL 2018: 3rd World Conference on Blended Learning in Warsaw, Poland from 18-21 April 2018.

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3rd World Conference on Blended Learning (IABL2018)

The IABL2018 Conference, the 3rd World Conference on Blended Learning is organized by the International Association for Blended Learning (IABL) and Institute of Applied Linguistics University of Warsaw (ILS UW). The conference organizers cordially invite researchers, teachers, professors, administrators, trainers, and technology experts to present the latest blended learning solutions as well as to discuss […]

Workshop: Mix It Up with Blended Learning: A Step-by-Step Guide for Blended Learning

Sofia Nteliopoulou Athabasca University Karaoli & Dimitriou 49, Greece Abstract: The term “blended learning” is being used with increased frequency in both academic and corporate circles. Blended courses (also known as hybrid or mixed-mode courses) are classes combining online and face-to-face instruction (Reay, 2001; Rooney, 2003; Sands, 2002; Ward & LaBranche, 2003; Young, 2002). This […]

Blending AR and Mobile Learning Workshop

Avgoustos Tsinakos, Chris Lytridis, Persa Karamanoli Dept. of Computing and Informatics Engineering Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology Kavala, Greece Abstract: The purpose of this workshop is the demonstration of how Mobile Learning can be blended with Augmented Reality to produce educational mobile applications. The workshop will focus on the tools to develop such […]

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